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<p>Fishing Pictures from Lilttle Lagoon and from elsewhere in the Gulf Shores - Orange Beach area.</p>
<p>Sam & Twitchy - our Sugar Gliders.</p>
Sam and Twitchy
<p>Some really nice pictures of Colorado, our former home. Taken by my Dad, myself and Suely.</p>
<p>Our home on Little Lagoon. Suely actually found the lot for sale and put in an offer on the same day it was listed, As it turned out, there were 3 more offers that day but we got it! We contracted a builder and started construction on a duplex in 2003.  We were finished and due for the CO inspection when Hurricane Ivan came bearing in on 09/16/04. The pier was finished 2 days before Ivan and we got to walk out on the completed pier only once. We rebuilt everything and then lost the pier again in Katrina, rebuilt again and almost lost it to Rita less than a month later. Overall though we were lucky as there were others who lost everything. </p>
Fisherman's Hideaway
<p>Things we found fascinating, beautiful, intriguing, delicious, memorable or questionable...</p>
<p> </p>
Out and About
<p>Our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico</p>
Puerto Vallarta


Friends and Family

On The Water
Concert Photos
Visiting Mum - Jan 2007

On The Water
Concert Photos